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Focusing on the use of reproducible raw materials of polyester to produce dope-dyed polyester staple fiber.

Keeping printing and dyeing sector free from high energy consumption and high pollution so as to create an environment-friendly enterprise and make contribution to globally green and low carbon economy.

ECER adheres to the philosophy of “Turning waste into treasure and environmental protection”.

Cooperated with Donghua University, Jiangsu University, Nanjing College of Engineering and developed the technologies such as viscosity increasing by alcoholysis, direct-color filling before pumping, efficient production/high-strength fiber forming and the reaction with the assist of a stable temperature and etc, so as to reach the leading level among the similar products both in home and abroad on the developed recycled colored polyester staple in technical performance index, and also with obvious competitive advantage in cost.

Successfully overcome three major difficulties of low strength, poor stability and big color shading in the recycled fibers of multi-component waste polyester textiles by using the original physical-chemical method.

Best Service, Best Quality, Best price for our Customer. We provide small batch production for customization, in order to develop high-grade products for our customers.

ELITE COLOR ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (ECER, named JIANGYIN JIANGHE CHEMICAL FIBER CO., LTD before 2016) is a manufacturer of researching and producing dope dyed recycled polyester staple fiber for more than ten years.

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