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For the technical bottlenecks on the poor quality of the recycled products by traditional physical method and the complex regeneration process with high costs by chemical method in multi-component waste polyester textiles products, ECER cooperated with Donghua University, has successfully overcome three major difficulties of low strength, poor stability and big color shading in the recycled fibers of multi-component waste polyester textiles by using the original physical-chemical method – i.e. the technologies such as viscosity increasing by alcoholysis, direct-color filling before pumping, efficient production/high-strength fiber forming and the reaction with the assist of a stable temperature and etc, so as to reach the leading level among the similar products both in home and abroad on the developed recycled colored polyester staple in technical performance index, and also with obvious competitive advantage in cost. The implementation of the project has filled the gap in producing high quality colored polyester staple fiber by using of polyester textiles waste in China and break the bottleneck of the serious homogeneity phenomenon of products in domestic recycled polyester industry development, with great significance to promote the technological progress of domestic polyester industry, and resources saving and the environmental protection.

By the exclusive technologies of the company, including the homogenization, impurity removing, viscosity increasing, compound injection and etc, for recycled fibers, recycling utilization of resources has been realized so as to be free from printing and dying process causing high pollution down stream, in favor of environment protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, as well as promoting the healthy development of recycled colored fiber industry, and has been taken for a typical circular economy with green environmental protection, in line with the strategic guide line on industrial development policy and the strategy of sustainable development of our country, with great positive significance in today's society. ECER has passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 environmental quality system certification and Oeko Tex - 100 international ecological textiles certification successively, and obtained the honors such as “High-Tech Enterprises in Jiangsu Province”, “Private Scientific and Technological Enterprise in Jiangsu Province” and so on and has become a leading enterprise in segmented colored fiber industry.


ECER has actively developed the cooperation by production, learning and researching, and successively built the cooperative relations with Jiangsu University, Nanjing College of Engineering and Donghua University, and established “Jiangyin Special Chemical Fiber Research Institute”, “Jiangyin Composite Fiber Engineering Technology Research Center” and “industry-college-institute cooperation base of Donghua University and Jiang He Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd” and “Graduate Student Practice Base of Donghua University”.  ECER was awarded to set up “National Recycled Colored Fiber New Materials R/Development and Production Base” and obtainedChina's green fiber certification, through the review of the Chinese chemical fiber industry association in 2015.

With the support of science and technology, the guarantee of science and technology R & D funds, ECER has realized more than 6 scientific R/D projects in recent years in annual average and totaled more than 30 R&D projects, got 39 patents for utility models and applied for 3patents for invention. Our company has drafted and set up the corporate standard for < supercoarse denier polyester staple fiber>. By close contact with chemical fiber association, <recycled colored coarse denier polyester staple fiber> has been listed in the 4th batch project plan in 2015, of the chemical fiber association standard. The seven high-tech products, independently developed by the company,  including the special fibers for artificial turf, colored flat antibacterial polyester fibers, the crimped polyester staple with super coarse denier and super high elastic modulus, there cycled polyester new material with nano-composite super high elastic modulus of pearl mica, the nano TiO2 ceramic modified polyester staple and its preparation method based on high-energy ball milling dispersion, the color-changing fibers with compound function, the composite PET conductive fibers with super high strength graphene have been awarded as “High and New Tech Products” by Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province. After years of unremitting efforts, the products of the company already reached or exceeded the industry standard for <recycled colored polyester staple fiber> on the main technical indicators such as tenacity, elongation, defect content and etc and basically reached the product specs for virgin fiber standard, with a high reputation for the quality of products in the textile industry.

Our Patented Products

ZL 2011 2 0485036.5 Super coarse denier hollow fiber

ZL 2011 2 0485054.3 Printable PET fiber

ZL 2014 2 0477502.9 Flat polyester fiber

ZL 2014 2 02040143.5 Polyester profiled fiber

ZL 2013 2 0837 100.0 Renewable night fiber

ZL 2013 2 0847315.0 Artificial turf dedicated fiber

ZL 2014 2 0240226.4 Composite conductive fiber

and etc..

ELITE COLOR ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD (ECER, named JIANGYIN JIANGHE CHEMICAL FIBER CO., LTD before 2016) is a manufacturer of researching and producing dope dyed recycled polyester staple fiber for more than ten years.

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