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Jianghe Fiber become national research and production base of recycled fiber & new material

Time:2015-09-21 Author:

Last Sunday, ceremony of "National research and production base of recycled fiber & new material" and “Donghua University-Jianghe fiber cooperation unit” was held in Zhutang town. It will help Jianghe in technology innovation, product upgrade, and production-study-research cooperation, which is necessary for leading manufacturer.

Jianghe fiber is one high-tech enterprise that engaged in developing and processing recycled fiber, made of non-biodegradable waste and polyester waste. Jianghe fiber widely used in geotextile, carpet, car interiors, clothes, textile and so on.

In the next step, Jianghe fiber will use the strong r&d team and advanced scientific research equipment, to speed up technology innovation and promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

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